A carding is a process of obtaining, testing and using payment cards without a permission of the cardholder. Acquired information is sold on carding websites, including Websitetobuycvv, Cvvcarding, Buycvvwithhighbalance, Dumpswithpin2015 and many others. Carders don't engage in carding themselves; instead, they create bots to perform small purchases on hundreds of websites. Each time a bot tests a card number and create a list of active numbers. These numbers can be later used to buy products online. Carders can also use these cards themselves to obtain gift cards that can't be tracked.

The concept of carding is simple: to obtain valuable payment card information and use it to make profits. For example, carders (e.g. Ccdumps2018, Fullzshoponline andDumpcardsites) create bots to hack gift card balances. During carding, hundreds of merchants can be targeted. Bots quickly go through gift card numbers and request balance of every card. Once the bot tests all cards, it creates a list of valuable ones. Carders can sell these lists or buy something for themselves. For an online store, carding looks like a high shopping card abandonment rate or low average shopping card size.